exigent (ek.sɪ.dʒənt): adj. demanding immediate attention and precise accuracy
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Registration Management
Managing conference attendees and exceeding their expectations from the moment you're introduced is paramount to the success of your event. It seems simple but you really do only get one chance to make the right first impression. Exigent Events has developed a completely self-contained and conferencing focused, bespoke industry leading system hosted entirely on-line to suit your conference requirements. With both an admin and attendee orientated design, you and your conference attendees are able to manage every aspect of your involvement. Additionally, our Registration Management System (RMS) will fit with your existing website; attendees will only ever think they're on your website which is automatically updated as you and they enter details.
  • On-line registrations and payments
  • Company profile and logo management
  • Delegate management
  • Conference badge production and access management
  • Travel arrangement management
  • Speaker management; speaker bios, profile photos, presentation storage and visa requirements
  • Accommodation management; logistical and sustenance requirements
  • Programme management
  • Partner and package management
  • Meeting management and scheduling
  • Attendee list production
  • Reporting; pre and post event for both internal and 3rd party use