exigent (ek.sɪ.dʒənt): adj. demanding immediate attention and precise accuracy
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Conference Production
Productive, engaging, stimulating and intuitive conference production is difficult to master but absolutely essential to the success of any event. At Exigent Events we are extremely passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable about producing smart, current and above all profitable industry leading conferences. With a wealth of experience from all over the world, Exigent Events has successfully produced conferences ranging from half day think-tanks to multi-day global conferences for some of the world's leading Governments of emerging markets. Each event is different, has it's own unique objectives and as such attendees will have their own objectives which is why at Exigent Events' we care for quality conference production and personalised programmes delivering fruitful events for everyone involved.
  • In-depth subject research and topic creation
  • Professional proposal writing
  • Sales orientated conference materials and marketing
  • Programme development and audience participation strategies
  • Speaker acquisition and management, from logistical arrangements to presentation rehearsals and slide production
  • Project management and detailed plans
  • Conference material design and production; pre and post conference guides, attendee handouts, signage and staging
  • Mobile application design and social media incorporation
  • Scaled floorplan designs
  • Budget creation and management